The column was created to highlight and examine laws effecting Americans living in Italy and over time has expanded to present editorial commentary on current events in the US and Italy. Closing Argument has been published monthly in the online magazine "The American / In Italia" since February 2011. 

The website contains an archive of all Closing Argument articles, including the most recent.  It is also designed to be of practical use.  In addition to providing all articles chronologically and by topic, there is a "Resources" page with links to other sites that are of practical value or are otherwise illuminating and provocative.  

As author of the column, I am an American attorney who has been living and practicing in Italy for over thirty years. I assist Americans who reside and work in Italy as well as those living out of the country with interests in Italy and Italians with interests in the U.S. 

Please know that all website content is provided for informational purposes only and is not legal advice.

All comments welcome.  

I hope you enjoy the site,

Donald Carroll


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